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ID/OS is primarily concerned with bringing about social and structural transformation in an organization. The goal of ID/OS is usually to improve the organization’s overall performance and viability by improving administrative and management functions, increasing the effectiveness of service provision, enhancing the organization’s structure and culture, and furthering its sustainability. An organization can be thought of as a system of related components that work together to achieve an agreed-upon mission. Components of a typical organization may include:

Administrative and Support Functions
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Management Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of other resources
Technical/Operational Functions
  • Service Delivery System
  • Program/Operational Planning
  • Operational Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Use & Management of Technical Knowledge & Skills
Structure and Culture
  • Organizational identity and culture
  • Vision and purpose
  • Leadership capacity and style
  • Organizational Values
  • Governance Approach
  • External Relations
  • Human
  • Financial
  • Other

Every ID/OS intervention has two facets:

  • An analysis of the institutional environment and
  • An analysis of the client’s internal organization

These two are thereafter synthesized into a plan to enhance the organization’s ability to meet its core mandate.


Dapri Consulting employs a variety of ID/OS tools such as:

Facilitation Skills

These are tools and skills that facilitators and consultants need in order to do a proper job.

Process Tools

These are tools that can open up a debate and help to establish the boundaries of a particular problem.

Stakeholder Analysis Tools

These are intended to involve other stakeholders in the process.

Institutional Analysis Tools

These help to analyze the problem in greater depth, both internally as well as externally to the organization.

Internal Organization Analysis Tools

These can be used to analyze inter-organizational processes.

Strategy and Planning Tools

These are used for analyzing a situation, summarizing its pros and cons, and producing strategies for the future.



Dapri Consulting research solution has helped many organizations by providing the right data for decision-making. Our solution mix includes:



In the course of planning, implementing, and measuring customer organizations programs, Dapri Consulting often find that a customer organization’s lack of capacity stands in the way of achieving results. Increasing the capacity of customer organizations helps them carry out their mandate effectively and function more efficiently.

Dapri Consulting professionals work closely with a broad spectrum of partner and customer organizations in the field of Institutional Capacity Building. These partner and customer organizations include:

  • Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs/NGOs)
  • Regional institutions and international nongovernmental organizations
  • Community-based membership cooperatives and Associations of organizations
  • County Governments
  • National Government entities (ministries, departments, agencies, and parastatals)
  • Private sector organizations (financial institutions, companies, small businesses and other for profit organizations)

Dapri Consulting uses a variety of techniques when carrying out ID/OS services. The most common involve providing technical assistance, advisory services, and long-term consultants to organizations, to help them build the skills and experience necessary to contribute successfully to sustainable development.

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