Business Research


Data for decision-making.

Research can be done when starting or running any kind of business or organization. For example, starting any type of business requires research into the target markets and competitors to create a business plan. Conducting business research in existing business operations is helpful in keeping in touch with consumer demand. Our team can support your business through dedicated Research into the following:



Market research is for discovering what people want, need, or believe. It can be used to determine how to market your product. Market research is a key factor to get advantage over competitors. It provides crucial information to organizations in both public and private sectors to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. We can provide you with:

Industry information

Key information about major customer groups, suppliers of raw material, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers will be highlighted. In addition, significant facts, figures, and trends about the industry will be provided.

Competitor analysis

Specific information about the competitors, their size, location, focus, sales volume & approximate market share, mode of operation, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted in the research.

Overall Market Segmentation

Dapri Consulting can help you identify and further define the target customers, and provide supporting data for marketing plan elements such as positioning to achieve desired marketing objectives.

Market mix modeling

in which our team uses advance statistical modeling tools on sales and marketing time series data to estimate the impact of various marketing tactics on sales and then forecast the impact of future sets of tactics. Our market mix modeling can help you to optimize advertising mix and promotional tactics with respect to sales revenue/profit.

Market trends analysis

in which our team can help you ascertain both the upward and downward movement of a market during a given period of time.



Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions. BI encompasses data warehousing, business analytics and knowledge management. BI typically involves collation of data from various sources such as company accounts, official statistics, data from trade bodies, interviews with business contacts and research on consumer attitudes.

Our BI solutions will help you gain a comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect your business such as your customers, market trends, competitors, business partners, economic environment, and internal operations to make effective and good quality business decisions.



At Dapri Consulting, we can undertake an expert assessment of the existing corporate infrastructure (e.g. physical asset base assessments, evaluation of formalization and automation degree of business processes) and a review of your systems and operational guidelines. This helps companies plan their resources – timelines, budgets, personnel etc. as a basis of establishing internal efficiency.

Systems & infrastructure Audit includes:

  • Comprehensive information about company equipment, machinery and soft wares.
  • Configuration of basic infrastructure services.
  • Analysis of the existing operational guidelines and other company procedures.
  • Availability of reference documentation, information about quality and completeness of operational documentation.
  • Comparative multi-factor analysis of existing infrastructure, as compared with the best practices and concepts.
  • Elaboration of guidelines for increasing the performance and reduction of system costs.



These can generate invaluable insight for the management of any organization, and can also be a strong determinant of productivity and overall company performance in a competitive environment. We make great efforts to assess the following parameters in the course of conducting Work Environment & Employee Satisfaction surveys:

  • Vision, mission and goals
  • Physical environment & tools
  • Recognition
  • Staffing practices
  • Pay and benefits
  • Teamwork
  • Learning and development
  • Commitment to the company
  • Level of Satisfaction with the Job
  • Empowerment
  • Stress and work load
  • Health and safety awareness
  • Strategic orientation
  • Work-life balance
  • Organizational trust
  • Level of engagement
  • Quality of supervision
  • Communication satisfaction
  • Co-worker relationships



We believe that best way to find out if your customers are satisfied is to ask them. A customer survey identifies the factors that enhance relationships, loyalty, and increase sales. It can provide the management with invaluable input for both short-term and long-term decision-making. It can offer critical operational and strategic advantages over the competition.

Our team can help you find answers to the following:

  • What are your customers’ perceptions of your corporate/product brand?
  • What is the likelihood that your current customers will purchase from you again?
  • How are you viewed in relation to your competitors?
  • What can you change to improve the overall customer experience?
  • Are you making decisions based on your most vocal customers or your entire customer base?
client satisfaction survey